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 About KAËM

Storytelling has a long tradition in human cultures around the world. Whether for conveying life experience, passing on knowledge, teaching norms and values ​​or for entertainment – vivid stories attract attention, enthral, motivate, delight, give hope or meaning. And they linger. The most inspiring stories affect our mind and lead to higher knowledge.

As a trained designer with a passion for illustration, I have mainly told stories of companies and their brands. But another form of storytelling – one that had fascinated me from an early age – soon found its way into the focus of my interest. In 2008, I came up with the idea of creating a graphic novel. Over the past years I have gradually developed this idea, and since 2018 more intensely. I am looking forward to finally sharing the result with the public. While pursuing the publication of my first graphic novel, I revived my love for comic art and got to know myself even more.

As a graphic novelist and comic artist, I am interested in stories dealing with human nature. I seek to bring those stories to life in a way that provides an unforgettable reading experience. Therefore, I explore my characters from within and share my observations with the audience. Together we trace the characters’ behavior as a reflection of their mental processes. Close observation, intuition, and personal memories are essential tools for that endeavour. It is important to me that the characters and the plot allow personal access and encourage an examination of what has been seen and read – and perhaps lead to higher knowledge as well.

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Photo by Josef Mathar