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Dictionary of young adults' slang

Cartoons for PONS Verlag, Stuttgart (Germany)  |  A total of 40 images on young adults' slang in an anthology publication (2001 – 2008)  |  Ink and pencil (digitally edited)  |  Status: published in 2008

Mafiatorte  pizza (see above)


pons 02

Kopfgärtner  hairdresser


pons 03

Taschendrache  lighter


pons 04

Bauarbeiter-Dekolleté  "plumber's smile"


pons 05

Teppichporsche  small dog


pons 06

Korallenriff  a person infested with acne


pons 07

Faltenbügler  plastic surgeon


pons 08

Elvis pressen  passing water (applicable to male persons)


pons 09

Feldtitte(n)  tent(s)


pons 10

Herrenhandtäschchen  sixpack



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