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About KAËM ... or: designing valuably

Who does not value the enjoyment of an adequate outcome for a certain effort? Especially when you invest something as precious as your own time. For instance, after visiting an exhibition, watching a movie, or reading a book there is nothing better than being able to say: “That really paid off!” As an artist, I seek to contribute to such positive experiences.

Being trained in design and equipped with a passion for drawing and illustrative solutions, I have previously told the stories of companies and brands – mostly collaborating with advertising and media agencies. I am well acquainted with the technical and conceptual requirements of digital and print media through many years of professional experience. I love what I do and I seek to use my creative skills especially in the cultural field, working on a variety of topics and condensing content in order to make them visible in a memorable way. It is my ambition to convince and, even more, inspire both the people I work with and the audience who experience my work in traditional and new media. With valuable illustration.

Style & Technique

My design is influenced by cinematic aspects and elements of comic art, in part it is also inspired by paper theater. I love exciting, humorous stories, which may also be bizarre. In my creations I like to employ expressive design forms. My intention is to establish a captivating atmosphere and to reinforce messages (of manuscripts). If I manage to spark the imagination of the viewer, for instance, by making them think outside the box, I have already reached a decisive goal.

I draw and paint with pencil, ink, acrylic and watercolour paints, but also digitally on the tablet. Occasionally, I also add linocut elements. My works are the result of mixing analogue and digital techniques, if feel I can add convincing aspects to the analogue basis through a digital post. However, it is always important to me, to preserve a certain handmade charm in the overall appearance. Drawing digitally or combining analogue and digital techniques often allow for a more economical creation process. Ultimately, reliability is as much in my focus as quality and originality – no matter what technique I choose to apply.


 kaem portrait
Kevin Michael Heibel (aka KAËM)


Books and Digital Media for Children and Young Adults, Fiction, Graphic Novel, Editorial 

Graphic Design
Logo and Corporate Design, Illustrative Branding, Infographic, Layout Artwork, Concept Visualization 

Member of
Illustratoren Organisation e.V. and Illustratoren FFM, Frankfurt
Verwertungsgesellschaft Bild-Kunst, Bonn
Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators, Los Angeles (USA) 

CV & Portfolio PDF
My CV and selected work samples in a PDF file are available on request. Click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and send me an e-mail.


Photos by Josef Mathar